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About Google Drive Direct Link Generator

Google Drive Direct Link Generator is a tool to create links to download Google Drive online, a tool that helps you create safe and convenient google friendly link sharing links, without confirmation many times with large drive files, revealing your Google drive account helps you secure your account better

Key features

Beta Version: 1.0
Create a download link for the google drive link you share
Visitor statistics and downloads for your google drive link ..
The system generates draw links. neatly bitly help you have the link to share neatly ..
There are 2 types of links
Link view: Link showing file sharing information + Download button : Free with regular unlimited number of accounts
Direct link: direct download access is the download file will be pushed to your computer: free account you will create 10 links, you can buy additional Direct link packages
Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose the types of links above accordingly

Instructions for use

Sign up for a completely free account CLICK HERE
Enter the google drive link already in PUBLIC mode: and press Create link
You will get the link you need to create and a bitly shortened link (being integrated)


Free Package 2 Package 10
Price 0 $ 2 $ 10 $
Link View Unlimit Unlimit Unlimit
Direct Link 10 Link * 2.000 link 12.000 link
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